Reflecting on my 2017 New Years Resolution

My 2017 Resolution was to be more honest. What I mean by "honest" was to be more honest with others of my needs and my feelings. 

We all have our moments of being "People Pleasers" and being that "Yes" man. 

My goal this year was to stick to my gut especially to my Yes's and my No's. 

As failing as most New Year's Resolutions are I feel like I grew a lot in this arena. 

Whenever I was invited to something or was faced with a decision, some as simple as "Going to the grocery vs. going to a cafe" to going to an event or staying in to applying to jobs, I took a step back before making a decision. I started to build trust with my initial gut feeling. This connected deeply with my needs on that given day in that given moment. 

This concept has helped me build a positive relationship with trusting my voice and my decisions. The confident differentiation between an honest Yes and honest No has made a big difference in my life. 

It has allowed me to have more control of my life and not be a "People pleaser" or that "Yes" woman. 

Here's to trust!

Melissa Ly