Why Ross is the most annoying character of all time #PopCultureSegment

#1) *brings up pointer finger* 

His SIGHS of sadness and complaining hurt my SOUL. Every single time he falls into that Central Perk couch and sighs for attention I just wanna leave. 

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#2) *holds two fingers at you* 

The way he was controlling, blaming, mean and totally passive aggressive towards Rachel after their break up. He gives her no space and blames her for everything. Not only that he shames her for moving on with her life!

Need I say more? 

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#3) *holds up 3 fingers* 

Okay NUMBER 2 straight up did it so I don't really know what to else to say except for the fact that I'm confused as to why Ross is beloved by so many people. Ross held Rachel back and he knew it (selfish much?)!

She did her best to be respectful and mature post-break up (okay she's not perfect) BUT I think he needed to calm down. Like just CUZ you liked her SINCE high school (um creep much?) doesn't mean you are entitled to have HER. She gets to make that decision and stop playing the "I'm such a nice guy, I'm never gonna get the girl." That's OD and overrated. 

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Melissa Ly